The Photographs

I have spent most of the last few years working at sea on various science and conservation projects. During this time I have covered enough miles to circumnavigate the globe a couple of times and on my way had some truly incredible encounters with various marine life. Most of my time has been spent in the Southern Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, two ecosystems absolutely bursting with life. This small selection of photos captures some of the special moments I have had on this ocean planet that is still so alien to our normal landlocked lives. 

The Video

This video is from the amazing bow camera that was installed by Ocean Alliance on the Research Vessel Odyssey for Operation Toxic Gulf. We encountered so many different species of dolphins during my time in the Gulf of Mexico and this is just one of the smaller pods of Atlantic Spotted dolphins who travelled with us for a while. My favourite spot on the boat was hanging over the bow filming the dolphins and listening to their vocalisations but it was also pretty special to be able to sit in the boats lounge watching the live screen play of whatever was swimming by at the time.

To find out more about Operation Toxic Gulf or to watch more videos head over here.